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4 Inherent Attributes of a Bespoke Online Accounting Software

Functionality, innovation and agility have always been the cornerstones of a widely-accepted software. Keeping note of this fact, an accounting software is not all about performing a set of basic functions such as general journal entries, ledger preparation, accounts receivables and accounts payables. There are various other additional yet effectual attributes that aid businesses in evaluating their performance and predict their future course.

Adhering the same, following here are some of the ancillary features to know which, will empower businesses in processing and managing financial data.

Reporting and Analysis

Information has become synonymous to the word ‘Power’ while concerning the present challenging business environment. Thus, a high-end accounting software is expected to boast a set of robust reporting and evaluation capabilities. Apart from endowing business owners with insights to help them in performing crucial financial activities, the reporting and analysis functions also assist them in maintaining the industry and government regulations.


Before you address a particular end product as the best accounting software in India, you must ensure it boasts an inclusive feature of easy upgradation to accommodate the ever-growing volume of financial transactions and increasing number of users as well. This, in turn, will help you in making your business large and prosperous, while serving proactively.

Automatic Updates

Using an outdated online accounting software is one of the major barriers hurdles which, hinder the growth of a business. Tax regulations, laws and various other financial practices have changed over time. Thus, it has become almost a requisite for businesses to deploy an updated software which, receive automatic, fast and user-transparent updates.


Businesses must look for a high-performing, flexible accounting software which, facilitates easy customization of forms, statements, reports, screens, including a set of other significant program facets as well.

The software must include role-based access and allow users to manage multiple businesses from a single account. Furthermore, the best accounting software in India is also expected to have an attribute of managing bank accounts, cash, credit cards, e-wallets and recording withdrawals, deposits and transfers at one place, while covering all sorts of integrated banking transactions.

Whats new in this February?

Whats new in this February?

Enhancement in Purchase/sales

  • Now you can add an item with 0 amount in purchase/sale invoice. This can be helpful to users who want to mention free items or services on the invoice. For e.g. ‘courier charges’
  • Now you can hide discount fields from sale invoice and sale invoice PDF if you never give a discount to your customers.
    • This  preference is available under invoice book
  • Now you can configure whether you want to show an only single column for all taxes or separate column for each tax in sale invoice PDF.
  • You can also select where you want to total amount i.e. before discount or before taxes.
  • Now in Sale invoice, PAN of contact will be shown only if TDS is applied to that invoice. If TDS is not applied to sale invoice PAN won’t be shown.


  • ‘Statement of Custom account’ is now renamed to ‘Statement’. Now you can view the statement of any contact, bank account or custom account from here.

Customize Sender ID for SMS

  • Now you can choose Sender ID for your company. It means all the SMS messages sent by Hisab on behalf of your company will use chosen Sender ID.
    • To change Sender ID, Go to the Settings >> Company settings.
    • Click on the Edit icon.
    • See the last field in the dialog ‘SMS Sender ID’. You can update it with a value which you want. Just remember, you need to enter exactly 6 characters


Firefox browser support

  • Now you can use Hisab in Firefox browser (Version 57 or higher).

Misc changes

  • You can directly open contact, bank account and custom account statement by clicking on any Journal voucher item from Journal voucher view dialog.