Search enhancements

  • Now you can even search custom account and report by its name.
  • For e.g. You have the custom account with name “HDFC life” and you want to see its statement. So you can simply type it in search and can view its statement from result displayed.
  • Similarly, You want to see profit & loss then you can simply write profit & loss in search and can view its report from there, no need to go to report section to view it.

Introducing filters

  • You can filter required data in expense/income, purchase/sale, payment and bank transfer list page.
  • For e.g You want to see expense that occurred from 1 Dec to 15 Dec you can select the date interval and apply filter to see the result.
  • Likewise, you can apply filter on date, account, and status of payment in expense/income and purchase/sale list page.
  • In purchase/sale list page you can apply filter on product and service, invoice book and tax type also.
  • In payment list page you can apply filter on account and payment type i.e payment or receipt.
  • In bank transfer page you can apply filter on bank account and duration.

Beta phase is over now

  • Our open beta phase is over, so now new users who will signup get 30 days trial.
  • When the trial is over you can choose any plan for 1 year.
  • There are two plans available: Basic and Professional
  • Personal users who want to manage their personal finances like income, expense, investments, assets should buy a Basic plan.
  • While business users who want to manage their financial accounting like income, expense, create invoices, send SMS or email with invoices should buy a Professional plan.
  • You can change your plan (Upgrade or downgrade) anytime. See our Pricing page FAQS for more details.

Other misc updates

  • Now you can add same email address for more than one contacts.