Enhancement in Purchase/sales

  • Now you can add an item with 0 amount in purchase/sale invoice. This can be helpful to users who want to mention free items or services on the invoice. For e.g. ‘courier charges’
  • Now you can hide discount fields from sale invoice and sale invoice PDF if you never give a discount to your customers.
    • This  preference is available under invoice book
  • Now you can configure whether you want to show an only single column for all taxes or separate column for each tax in sale invoice PDF.
  • You can also select where you want to total amount i.e. before discount or before taxes.
  • Now in Sale invoice, PAN of contact will be shown only if TDS is applied to that invoice. If TDS is not applied to sale invoice PAN won’t be shown.


  • ‘Statement of Custom account’ is now renamed to ‘Statement’. Now you can view the statement of any contact, bank account or custom account from here.

Customize Sender ID for SMS

  • Now you can choose Sender ID for your company. It means all the SMS messages sent by Hisab on behalf of your company will use chosen Sender ID.
    • To change Sender ID, Go to the Settings >> Company settings.
    • Click on the Edit icon.
    • See the last field in the dialog ‘SMS Sender ID’. You can update it with a value which you want. Just remember, you need to enter exactly 6 characters


Firefox browser support

  • Now you can use Hisab in Firefox browser (Version 57 or higher).

Misc changes

  • You can directly open contact, bank account and custom account statement by clicking on any Journal voucher item from Journal voucher view dialog.